Unified Business Communication

Establishing your multi-channel messaging and customer/supplier contact management – for example, contact centres, email, multimedia messaging, or electronic data transfer and capture – can be made quick, simple and affordable by using our Communication as a Service (CAAS).

For clients that need access to reliable and affordable business-to-business or business-to-consumer communication capability, we can provide readily available services, accessible from anywhere anytime over the Internet.

CAAS is tailored, ready and available within days. Expect no capital expenditure and avoid the long-term investment burden of your own offices, telephony switches and handsets, network infrastructures, or even contracts with various IT, land-line and mobile service providers. So for example, your work-force can operated and interact virtually as a single seamless team – even when it’s located across the globe, or working mobile and from home.

CAAS’s implementation team configure the system to replicate your own business process and workflow. Systems are intuitive to use, so user training is minimal. You could be up and running quickly to start interacting professionally and reliably with your business partners and customers.

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“Quick to deliver, simple to use and affordable solutions”

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