Designed to make the most effective use of in-vehicle or personal GPS tracking information, Data Driven Logistics have developed a suite of device independent software providing real time information and event alerts and after-event / KPI analysis.

monitorMe – Lone Working Devices

Application and wearable devices to provide personal protection and management of lone working personal. Legacy, existing or dedicated equipment can be integrated to avoid unnecessary investment.

mindMe – Lone Working Smartphone Application

Configurable to provide extensive configurable lone working monitoring capabilities using a worker’s existing smart phone – man down, none movement or environment changes such as light conditions or noise levels can all be detected and reported.

vTrack – Trailer and Vehicle Tracking

Cloud deployed central tracking of fleet and any mobile assets via an extensive range of products. Intelligent management systems provide reliable rules based feedback and alerts on asset status and location.

greenFleet- Environmental Driving Management

Central monitoring to maximise fleet efficiency via capturing of vehicle and driver feedback. Informs driver improvements and other environmental attributes to make a greener transport operation.

trailerTemp – Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Central monitoring and protection of temperature sensitive deliveries. Shows precise temperature of vehicle at time of arrival, load, unload and departure. Evidences that vehicles and its contents were at temperature, alleviating excessive claims for spoilt deliveries due to wrong transit temperature.

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