We invite you to browse the broad range of innovate software products that we have implemented and support for our clients. Products are configurable to meet individual client requirements. Using our proprietary Sphere software engineering framework, we can rapidly tune our products to meet most client requirements, often within a few days.


A focused suite of operational software specifically designed for effective warehouse management, starting with our comprehensive WMS package and a range of modules dedicated to specific warehouse activities, which can be deployed in conjunction with any backend WMS engine.


An exciting suite of real time applications, utilising the latest technologies, and dedicated to providing logistics providers, driver’s and customers full visibility of all transport related activities from planning and distribution through to delivery, collection and return.


Designed to make the most effective use of in-vehicle or personal GPS tracking information, Data Driven Logistics have developed a suite of device independent software providing real time information and event alerts and after-event / KPI analysis.


Real time field based resource toolset providing comprehensive office based functions for effective management of the planning, scheduling of appointments and allocation of your mobile resource pool.

Security & Safety

Dedicated solutions to provide real time and analytical information on Loneworking resource and vehicles, to alert of any incident or potential hazardous situations and provide evidence of events retrospectively via audio or video evidence.

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