How Do You Keep in Touch with Your Drivers?

By 25th February 2021 Articles No Comments

Keeping in touch with drivers can be a challenge whether you’re trying to find out where a driver is, what’s on their schedule, or if they’re on time. Many hauliers rely on phone calls and WhatsApp conversations to check up on their drivers and maintain visibility. But how effective are these methods?

The answer: Not as effective as they could be.

What if we told you that there was an easier and quicker way to maintain visibility, without having to speak to your drivers?

Data Driven have a developed a range of software solutions which allow you to plan and assign jobs to drivers and see exactly where they are throughout their working day visually on map. The software can also determine their ETA is based on their current position, speed and traffic conditions.

Our software also allows you to keep in touch with drivers at all times with our integrated instant messaging feature.

Communication and good visibility is key to maintain good working and sustainable relationships with customers, drivers and transport operational team members.

We have an extensive range of additional software applications which provide improved driver visibility and safety, efficiency tracking, task assignment, route planning and yard management – send us a message to discuss your needs today.

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