Hauliers Make All The Right Moves With DriveSafe©

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If you’re looking to improve the safety of your drivers and decrease the risk of road accidents, then look no further. Data Driven Logistics has developed DriveSafe©; a revolutionary software application which has been proven to ensure the safety of your drivers.

DriveSafe© calculates the optimal route based on traffic conditions, legal road speeds, and road closures, whilst taking the height, length, width, and weight of the vehicle into consideration, and therefore, will not suggest a route which is unsuitable for either the vehicle or trailer.

In the event that the driver deviates from the planned route, DriveSafe© will automatically alert the driver, and the transport operators, to any potential dangers ahead. DriveSafe© will then suggest an alternative, safe route, getting the driver back on track, ensuring that customers’ expectations are consistently met, deliveries are on time, and transport costs are minimised.

When integrated with Data Driven’s Transport Management System, DriveSafe© can also indicate ETAs in real time, giving both your customers and your transport office clear visibility of all deliveries being made via your fleet at any given moment.

You’re in safe hands with DriveSafe©.

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